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We could debate “What you’d do if you had a million dollars” forever. Perhaps you’d buy a yacht, or a Tesla. Perhaps you’d donate your earnings to charity, or build schools. Maybe you’d buy hundreds of fur coats, or move to a gorgeous apartment. Hopefully you’d do something that brings you, and others, joy and stability.

Unfortunately, real life means working within a budget. Thankfully, fame and fortune aren’t needed to purchase some of the most vital necessities, and luxuries, life has to offer. As it turns out, there’s hundreds of awesome items you can buy for $35 or less! Here’s our round up:

8 Starbucks Lattes

Basic as a vanilla Starbucks latte may be, we’ve all got our guilty pleasures. Whether you’re on the go or totally exhausted at work, at $4.15 per grande latte, you can treat yourself every day for a week, without pushing $35!

4 Months Of Netflix

As winter sets in, your hibernation inclination is about to spike up. For just $35 you can treat yourself to endless Netflix shows and movies all winter long. PJs and cozy fire, here you come!

1 Month Of Cricket Wireless Unlimited Everything

Holiday season bills are sure to build up, but with Cricket Wireless, your cell phone bills can actually drop! Make January a new start by trying out one month of unlimited text, calls and data with Cricket Wireless for less than $35.

9 Months Of Unlimited New York Times

After November’s election, reliable news is more important than ever. Educate yourself with nearly a year of unlimited New York Times phone and computer access, for less than $35! Or, subscribe today for 18 months of NYT under $35—subscriptions are presently 50% off ($1.88 per week)!

10 Boxes Of Oreos

Dipped in milk, peanut butter, or eaten solo, this chocolatey, creamy cookie goes down in everyone’s books as an all-time fav. Running about $3.30 per package in the US, for $35 you can get 10 boxes of Oreos. Enough to last you…one weekend?

17 Toothbrushes

With all the sugar you’ll be consuming this holiday season, teeth hygiene crucial! For $35 you can stock up on over a year’s worth of Colgate wave gum comfort toothbrushes, at $1.97 a pop.

3 Simple Green Juice Press Drinks

Feeling lethargic, or promised to eat healthy this year? Start with organic, fresh-pressed green juice, a fad that’s here to stay. At the popular chain Juice Press, you can buy three Simple Green juices (cucumber, celery, lemon, kale, proviotic) for less than $35 ($9.99 per juice).

1 Set Of Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

Need to spice up your commute, study session, or workout? Look no further than Skullcandy’s highly-rated wireless bluetooth headphones, which, for just $33.99, can bring you high-quality beats and unbeatable style.

10 Subway Subs of the Day

Fast food can do a doozy on your waistline, but with Subway’s fresh-ingredients you’ll stay satisfied and healthy. Stop by Subway to try their always-changing 6-inch sub of the day for just $3.50. Or, stay on track and have a sub ten days straight, spending just $35 bucks!

3 Yankee Candle Small Jar Candles

Nothing says holiday cheer like a beautifully scented candle. Yankee Candle jar candles are guaranteed to make the perfect holiday present, or bring warmth to your own home. For just $35 you can buy three small jar candles, and spread the light.

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