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Christmas gift shopping

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Let’s face it—shopping for your significant other is way harder than it should be. I mean you know them *better* than anyone else, right? For whatever reason, it seems the closer you and your partner get, the trickier it can be to pick the perfect present.

Perhaps there’s increased pressure, or maybe you just want show how much you care. Of course the thought is what counts, but let’s be honest—no one wants to unwrap a dud from the one they love. So if you’re in a shopping standstill, here’s five gifts every S.O. will surely swoon over:

The “Let’s Learn” Gift

Countless studies show that novelty is the spice of life, and the key to healthy relationships. No, we’re not talking a new Netflix series for you and boo. Nothing builds connection like taking on a new adventure, so this Christmas be sure to give your partner an experience you can both learn from.

Think couples classes—our favorites include pizza, pasta, or cocktail making, improv comedy or dance lessons, couples massages, or language instruction for the super adventurous!

The “Trip” Gift

For guaranteed joy, gift your S.O. a weekend getaway. I know—it sounds expensive. But even if you’re buying on a budget, it’s totally possible to book a trip without breaking the bank.

The key to affordable getaways is simple: think local. Find a cozy country town within driving distance, and book a local home. If you’re outdoorsy, research mountains within driving distance, and snag a cabin. Outside the major tourist hubs, it’s easy to find airbnbs for $40-70 per night. The memories you make will outlast any expensive sweater!

The “Memory” Gift

Every relationship has its defining moments—your first date, first kiss, and of course, first fight. There’s also the small things, like that concert you both loved, or a picnic in the park.

Shared experiences build your bond, and deserve to be remembered. This holiday, pick a fond photo of you and bae, then print, frame, and repeat. Whether placed on their office desk or bedside table, this gift is sure to keep on giving. For added intimacy, tuck a note behind the photo!

The “I Know You Need It” Gift

You’re the first to know when your S.O. has a great day, gets a promotion, or lands a big deal. You guys are tight like that. But you’re also the first to know when their underwear rips, their socks get grungy, and their sheets start to smell. Let’s face it—when you’re snuggling up every night, both of you bare the burden.

While Christmas is a great time for bling, it’s also the perfect opportunity to stock up on boo’s basics. Stuff their stocking with some fresh undies, socks, tees and sheets to show them how intimately you care!

The “Oh my god, you didn’t” Gift

Cooking classes, weekend trips, and fresh boxers aside, on Christmas, every S.O. deserves something extra special. Money can’t buy love, but it can buy the luxurious gift your love has always wanted. For her, try a timeless piece of jewelry, hand-crafted bag, leather boots, or super-soft scarf. For him, try a top-tier watch, leather wallet, shiny suitcase or silky tie. You know they’re worth it.

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