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Does Brandy have a problem with her team stanning out for Queen Bey?

The singer’s songwriter and longtime friend TC put her alleged business out there for the world to eat up after they fell out recently. Taking to Twitter, TC claimed Brandy is disrespectful, treats people “like shit,” and was upset when he took a photo with Beyoncé.

The tweets are now deleted, as the old friends seemed to clear things up, but even after speaking to Brandy, TC swears his claims aren’t fabricated.

Brandy’s response? Looks like she picked up a phone to speak to TC, then posted the below to settle any thoughts of total annihilation from the #BeyHive.

In the end, TC admits he could’ve handled the situation better, but maintains he never lied.

Do you think Brandy’s loyal following can withstand the wrath that is the BeyHive? Tweet us your thoughts.

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