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Chrisette Michele In Concert - New York, New York

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Chrisette Michele has been the target of major scrutiny after agreeing to perform at Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

But according to the star, the backlash she’s receiving isn’t worth it because she didn’t even get a chance to shake the new POTUS’ hand. She told Billboard, “Originally I was supposed to perform directly after his first speech, and I had done that with Barack Obama before, so I was used to that kind of experience. And the woman who organized the event came and told me, ‘Now you’re going to go first and he’s going to go after you.'”

Michele could then sense that something was awry. She continued, “I looked her in the eye and said, ‘My family has disowned me. If you decide to Google me, you’ll see that America is writing about me in their newspapers. I’m the black poster child for discord right now, and he’s not going to shake my hand?’ So no, I didn’t get to meet him.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the singer from being optimistic about President Trump. She still wants to give him the benefit of the doubt after she was denied the chance to speak to him, telling Billboard, “I know he has a lot of other things going on. I don’t know if, like Barack and Michelle, he’s listening to my album or that I’ll be on his summer playlist, so I don’t want to take it that way. I’d rather be optimistic and think that they’ll come another chance where I can talk to him.”

Chrisette Michele reportedly made $250,000 to perform at last week’s Inaugural Ball. But everyone is dying to know, was it worth it? Check out the clip above to see what else the star has to say about her controversial performance.

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