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Magic Johnson

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Magic Johnson is no stranger to being blasted by the media with erroneous reports, but the latest rumor about the star has everyone’s jaws dropping.

The National Enquirer is reporting that the NBA legend allegedly has a 35-year-old love child name Chauncey. In an interview with the tabloid, a woman named Renee Perkins claims that Johnson is indeed the father of her son Chauncey and that he abandoned the boy after he was born and refused to provide for the child. Perkins said that she began dating Johnson in 1981, but that he split early the following year when she revealed she was pregnant.

According to the distraught mom, Johnson never lent a helping hand to help provide for their son, partly because the lab where she had a paternity test done lost the results that she claims would prove Johnson was the boy’s father. She told reporters, “It tore me apart because I really didn’t want to have or raise a child on my own.” Perkins also claims that after she got pregnant, Johnson had his advisor Dr. Charles Tucker, talk to her, saying, “[Dr. Tucker] told me I really had to get an abortion, and that Magic was not going to be with me because he had his career to worry about.”

Despite having grown up without his famous dad, Chauncey seems to have done pretty well for himself. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and works in real estate. Magic Johnson has yet to comment on the shocking allegations.

Check out Renee Perkins’ full interview here.

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