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Rings hit theaters on Friday and managed to snag the number two spot, but Samara was busy terrifying everyone in New York City. First she stopped by The #XillaMovieParty were VIP guests got an advance screening of the third installment of the Ring franchise.

Actor Julito McCullum was on hand and brave enough to get a photo with Samara, even though he looked a little shook.

Rapper Grafh, on the other hand, was unfazed by the demon from the bottom of the well.

Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford was also in the building to screen the film.

After the screening, the top VIP guests got treated to dinner via the XillaMovieParty as Xilla Valentine hosted everyone to a great meal at Catch with custom cocktails from Hennessy VS. named Rings and Mr. Valentine.

Samara’s reign of horror wasn’t done there as she invaded the Urban One offices and scared the entire staff in a prank video you can see below.