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50 Cent‘s oldest son, Marquise Jackson, had fans shook on Tuesday when the 19-year-old made a diss track about his dad.

Now, Marquise is claiming that the song was not a diss to his pops like people assumed. The young rapper told TMZ that although the track includes the line, “Lost my pops, he’s still alive,” his song “Different,” isn’t a shot at 50.

He told the site, “This is not a diss to my father at all. I think they want it to be a diss. People are making it a diss because I guess they want it to be a diss. But it’s not, it’s what goes on in my life. The whole project, of scape, my mixtape that’s coming out is about me escaping from my dad’s shadow. It’s about me escaping from different relationships in my life.”

But after clearing things up, Marquise did express how he felt about his dad’s music, insisting that it sucks. He even asked his social media followers to stop trying to force a reunion with him and 50.

Check out what else Marquise had to say in the clip above.

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