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AOL Build Presents Sean 'Diddy' Combs And DJ Khaled Celebrating The Launch Of Their Ciroc Ad Campaign

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They don’t want you to have a hit record, so they sue.

TMZ reports that DJ Khaled is being sued over beats in “I Got the Keys,” which one producer says is stolen property. Chris Hill says he produced a beat in March 2008 that appeared on Chris Hill Beats (Gangsta Boogie Vol 2) and that he met Khaled in October 2008 at an Atlanta nightclub, and handed him a CD.

Although he never heard back from Khaled since that day, eight years later, he heard “Keys” and knew it was his work. Hill is suing Khaled, Sony Music and the various producers of the track for a cut of its massive profits.

If the producer’s story is factual, then Khaled would have to spend a major bag. Luckily for Future and Jay Z, their names were not included in the suit.

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