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Omarosa Manigault has her claws all the way out for her new gig at the White House as Office of Public Liaison communications chief.

The Daily Mail reports that April Ryan, a longtime White House correspondent with American Urban Radio Networks, and Omarosa clashed big time last week during an argument just outside the Oval Office. Ryan claims that Manigault physically intimidated her and warned that she was among a group of reporters the Trump administration is tracking closely with opposition-research “dossiers.”

In order to disprove the allegations, the former reality star went back to her roots of playing dirty and shared parts of a recording of the dispute with reporters. Omarosa told The Washington Post, “She came in[to the White House press-staff area] hot. She came in with an attitude. For her to characterize me as the bully, I’m so glad we have this tape … because it’s ‘liar, liar, pants on fire.’”

However, Ryan clapped back at the secret recording, saying, “I didn’t know she was taping it. This is about her trying to smear my name. This is freaking Nixonian.” 

Omarosa defended her shadiness, saying that a colleague made the tape and claimed the White House press staff regularly records interviews between officials and journalists. She added, “We do it all the time. When you come into [the press staff’s offices], you’re on the record.”

Do you think Omarosa pulled a reality star move by trying to publicly blast April Ryan?

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