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The Hip-Hop beef between two of the best femcees in the game, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, has come to its next chapter. On Wednesday night, without warning, Remy fired more shots at her nemesis by releasing “Another One” on DJ Funk Master Flex‘s mobile phone app and website inflexwetrust.

The track follows Remy’s now iconic diss track “Shether” by kicking Minaj while she’s down, and  eviscerating her one more time.

The track begins, “I guess you know now who the head b*tch is/ Ima savage I be killin’ dead b*tches. I bet that you wish you ain’t never said sh*t/ Now they so busy shooting videos, and I’m like nah.”

She continues, “I kick the dead horse till it don’t move, don’t come around me now I got the crown see? I beat you with punches in 48 your Ronda Roussey/ The wigs, the nose, you a whole clown, b, I better not ever hear you say anything about me.”

Remy fans are calling the track a haymaker blow:

Meanwhile, Nicki fans seem “unbothered”:

Judge for yourself and listen to the brand new track here.

SOURCE: In Flex We Trust