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Samuel L. Jackson is a Hollywood vet who is not afraid to say it like he means it, even when it comes to taboo topics like politics.

On Tuesday, the actor took to Twitter to blast Ben Carson for suggesting that slaves were simply hardworking immigrants. He tweeted:

TMZ caught up with the actor after his passionate tweet and he continued on slamming the politician for his controversial comments. When asked if he thought Carson should apologize, he nonchalantly responded, “To who? The dead slaves that couldn’t hear what he said, or the rest of us that are still around that are descendants?”

He added that the only thing that would help Carson is, “He could quit his job and stop talking period.” As for whether or not the Trump administration should issue a statement apologizing for the neurosuergeon’s offensive statement, Jackson said, “They didn’t say it. They probably think how he thinks.” The outspoken actor even admitted that he wouldn’t let Carson operate on him or anyone he’s related to.


See what else Samuel L. Jackson had to say in the video above.

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