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Despite the fact that most Americans don’t want Donald Trump to be President and everyone is waiting for the release of his tax returns, he opts to spend his time and energy condemning Snoop Dogg‘s career.

Snoop must have royally pissed off Trump with his latest video,”Lavender (Nightfall Remix),” in which a clown name Ronald Klump smokes weed and ends up getting shot dead by police. The Donald took to Twitter to slam the video and incited jail time for the rapper, tweeting:

Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen also responded to the music video, telling TMZ that “it’s totally disgraceful. Snoop owes the president an apology.” This isn’t the first time Donald Trump publicly lashed out at a celeb for criticizing him. Just after this year’s Golden Globes, he called out Meryl Streep, saying that she’s “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.”

Luckily for the President, Snoop Dogg is way too cool for the drama.

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