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Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

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Stephen Curry is usually focused throughout his NBA games with the Golden State Warriors. However, when it comes to his daughter, you can have his full attention.

Recently, the 29-year-old was interviewed on The Crossover. When he was asked to share the funniest thing a fan has ever said to distract him, Curry was quick to bring up an incident involving a toddler. He responds, “Sending their 5-year-old to ask my daughter out on a date.” He adds, “Talk about throwing me off my game.”

Back in January 2016, a young boy, who was a Warriors fan, held up a sign reading, “Riley, will you be my Valentine?” The boy eventually met Curry, but the star athlete was on the fence about his toddler daughter’s dating prospect. Watch for yourself in the video below.

Such a cute gesture from an adorable fan. Maybe, he can try again in ten years, if Riley shows interest. Timing can be everything, especially if your crush has a superstar dad.

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