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Young Thug is out of a manager.

According to reports, the rapper was forced to cut ties with Manny Halley following accusations of stealing. Evidence allegedly shows that Halley had intentionally written bad checks and forged the signature of an employee of Thug’s business manager, David Weise.

He reportedly used the signature to sign a contract and even attempted to run up thousands of dollars in charges on the employee’s personal credit card. Weise is accusing the industry vet of attempting to steal $210,473.76 from the rapper’s business account. A source revealed, “Thug’s manager actually confronted Manny about what he’s been doing, but he denied it. It’s unfortunate because they trusted Manny. He’s known in this industry and has worked with some big names. They had no choice but to fire him.”

Manny has worked with many artist before, such as Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole, but this is the first time he’s been publicly accused of these allegations. Weise also sent Manny a letter addressing the “criminal activities” that he was undertaking, but Manny has yet to respond.

Check at the full letter at the Jasmine Brand.

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