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Source: Mark Boster / Getty

The circus that is Donald Trump‘s White House has attracted another character to the world of international politics.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman spoke to TMZ to offer his help when it comes to the increased tension between the United States and North Korea as someone who is familiar with both sides, having met with North Korean lead Kim Jong-un and starred on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

When asked if he would offer his services as an ambassador to North Korea, Rodman replied, “That’s up to the U.S. to make that decision. It’s up to Trump. After that, it’s out my hands.” Adding, “I haven’t really spoken to Trump, I wish I could.”

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As outlandish as it seems, perhaps Rodman could help the two bull-headed leaders see eye-to-eye. Still, though, it’s probably in the best interest of the world that Rodman keeps his hands off international diplomacy.