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The divorce celebration we saw in last week’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta had us thinking the marriage between Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida was done for. But apparently, they’re back to square one.

Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce judgement was reversed by an Atlanta judge, according to Us Weekly. According to court documents, the fact that Phaedra misspelled Nida’s last name as “Nita” raised suspicious. The judge was also reportedly worried that Apollo, who is serving eight years in prison for fraud, was misled that he would attend future divorce hearings from behind bars, which was never going down. Ultimately, the judge felt Phaedra was trying to expedite the divorce without her husband’s involvement, considering he was not informed of the final hearing or served with the finalized divorce papers.

But Phaedra is confused as to why Apollo wouldn’t want to move on just as speedy as she does. “It’s very confusing why a man who is engaged and enjoys frequent visits with his fiancée would work so aggressively to avoid ending his marriage,” Phaedra’s rep Steve Honig told Us Weekly. “Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children.”

Phaedra, 43, filed for divorce from the Apollo, 38, in October 2014 after nearly five years of marriage. The process was prolonged due to his reality-TV documented trial and imprisonment.