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Fetty Wap is not letting a recent robbery and shootout get him down. He’s all about positivity and not being fearful.

In a run-in with TMZ reporters in Cali, the rapper explained, “I’m important to people.” He continued, “I gotta do important sh*t, you know what I mean, I can’t be doing dumb sh*t…I gotta stay talking about positive sh*t that’s important to people…talking about some sh*t that don’t got nothing to do about positivity is not important.”

When asked if he was concerned for his safety and if he wanted body guards, Fetty Wap proclaimed, “If you don’t feel safe somewhere don’t go there.” He assured that his recent violent altercation has not phased him and he’s trying to move forward. “I come from violence, so it’s a blessing to be here.”

He also set the record straight that he’s not afraid to go back to his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey, despite threats from his robbery suspect, Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas. “That’s where I’m from. I’m never ever going to leave Paterson,” he proclaimed. You can watch his full video clip below.