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The days of sharing Twitter stories without consequences are officially over.

Under the hashtag #UberBae, Bre went viral this week for tweeting about the time she unintentionally dropped her boyfriend’s side chick off at his house. Although she claims the social media rant was just for revenge, now Bre has to deal with the real life consequences of going viral.

She told TMZ that since her story blew up on the Internet, her ex-bf’s mom is watching her every move and even threatening to sue Bre if she says his name or posts pics of him. UberBae also received a visit from cops since posting her intriguing story. But despite some lucrative offers to milk her 15 minutes of fame, Bre says she done with it. She says she’s going to change her number and stop talking about it as she has no wish to continue to apply “pressure” to the situation, adding that she only ever tweeted out of anger in the first place.

As you may recall, UberBae’s outrageous Twitter episode had social media on fire earlier this week after she wrote in detail about her nightmare Uber shift in which she picked up a girl at the airport who was heading to a boyfriend’s house, and when Bre realized it was actually her man’s apartment, she busted him for cheating.

At least @Msixelaa got to burn some steam and enjoy some fame all in one week.

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