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Mel B‘s accusations against her soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte are getting more horrifying by the minute, and even harder for Belafonte to dispute. Now, Mel B’s longtime makeup artist says he’s one of the few that have been keeping Mel B’s secret for years.

According to TMZ, the makeup artist, whose name is currently unknown, has contacted the former Spice Girl’s lawyers to offer a sworn statement on all of the abuse he’s witnessed and injuries he’s helped covered up over the years. He says Mel was truthful with him about where all of her various facial and body bruises were coming from, but would hide the abuse from crew members on set. The artist also recalls Belafonte being “aggressive and verbally abusive” to Mel and the children, sometimes calling her “disgusting and ugly.”

Worse yet – Belafonte allegedly threatened the makeup artist and withheld payment until he agreed to keep quiet.

Belafonte is still vehemently denying the abuse allegations.