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Whatever shade Tyrese is throwing, his former group mates Ginuwine and Tank definitely caught.

The “Stay” singer stopped by The Breakfast Club on Monday with Ludacris to promote their new film Fate of the Furious, but they couldn’t leave without addressing some old drama. Tyrese was asked if there will be another album from his former music group TGT (consisting of himself, Ginuwine and Tank) and his answer struck a nerve with G and T.

Ty went onto shade Ginuwine for wanting to get paid the same amount as he does in the group and said that “outside of brotherhood, it’s business.” He even denied DJ Envy’s claim that Ginuwine has a bigger hit record than him. But the “Pony” singer wasted no time clapping back and the Fast and Furious star:


Tank wasn’t too far behind with his clapback. He posted and deleted a clip of Tyrese’s comments on Instagram, writing, “What’s crazy to me is that @ginuwine is the most accomplished artist in TGT but being talked bad about in this interview as if he hasn’t earned his keep! Sad what your brother will do to ensure he has more than you! TGT is a moment for music culture not a dick measuring contest. TGT is a group not an individual effort but I guess everybody can’t buy in to a team concept when you don’t know what it is. TGT is no more because @tyrese feels he’s a better than me and G! Doesn’t have more hits, hasn’t sold more records, but somehow he’s better..smh We can’t even get to the second album before Niggas start with this David Ruffin shit! #NoLoyalty”

As you may recall, Tyrese announced the group’s split in 2015 and slammed Ginuwine and Tank for trying to make themselves look bigger than they are. Unfortunately for Black Ty, the fans sided with G and T on this one, and believe that Tyrese needs to come back down and humble himself.


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