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After his recent Tupac fiasco, T.I. visited The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his new music, working with Kevin Hart, and his separation from wife Tiny Harris. In the midst of discussing his next project and spilling tea on his marrriage, the Atlanta rapper claimed he’s responsible for creating trap music. He told Angie, “We want to make sure that we give everybody the best T.I.P. album that we can give them. I’m going for trap music on this. Because a lot of people don’t really, really know that I created trap music.”

As far as receipts, Tip references his second studio album, 2003’s Trap Muzik. “There was no such thing as trap music prior to [T.I.]. No such thing. It didn’t exist,” he adds. “It was Outkast and crunk, like that’s what it was. Organized Noize and crunk.”

If you’ll recall, this isn’t the first time T.I. said he created the sub-genre and coined the term “trap music.” Back in December 2012, he told Funkmaster Flex: “With the exception of Outkast, let me think, Goodie Mob… with the exception of that, before I came in the game, it was Lil Jon, Outkast, Goodie Mob, okay, so you had Crunk Music and you had Organized Noise. There was no such thing as trap music. I created that… I created that. Yes, I did, I coined the term. It was my second album, it dropped in 2003… After that, there was an entire new genre of music created. An open lane for each of you to do what you do, and live your lives on TV and be accepted by the masses. The masses have accepted you ’cause I opened the door and you walked through it. Don’t forget who opened that door.”

Here’s how Twitter is responding:

Who do you say created trap music? Tweet us your receipts.

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