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50 Cent should probably get ready for an upcoming day in court.

Donnetta Derr, the woman that 50 punched in the chest in a viral video from his concert, is allegedly getting lawyered up to sue the rapper within the next week. She’s also taking legal action against The Lox, with who onstage with the G Unit founder at the time, and the venue, Baltimore Soundstage.

According to the video, Donnetta had griped 50’s arm when he reached out to give the crowd high-fives. After getting nearly pulled off the stage, 50 hit her with an aggressive blow. He then invited Donnetta onstage to twerk…but apparently that wasn’t enough to smooth things over. See the footage below:

Attorney Warren Brown told TMZ that Donnetta went to the hospital the next day and hired him the following Monday. Brown says 50’s conduct with his fans that night was “cowardly.”