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Sadly, conservative media personality Tomi Lahren tried to go at it again with rapper Wale, despite a previous Twitter dragging from him three months ago.

Lahren quoted the rapper when talking about her recent debacle with TheBlaze and it’s founder Glenn Beck. Lahren sued TheBlaze earlier this month for wrongful termination and now Beck is filing a countersuit against Lahren, claiming that her recent suspension from the network had nothing to do with her pro-choice beliefs. The countersuit supposedly says that Lahren’s employment agreement “remains in full force and effect,” but her cut-off from her show was due to “divisive” employment conduct.

Lahren decided to vent about her struggles on Twitter by quoting the song “Smile” by rapper Wale.

This was clearly a jab at Wale who she beefed with back in January for misusing her name in the song. In “Smile,” Wale raps:

The alt-rights hate us

Some back baby mommas hate us

We only learn half of the drama, other side crazy

On behalf of Charlamagne, I’m sure he ain’t trading sides

Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her

Train her, she miseducated anyway

Prolly hate the color of my face

Lahren peeped the lyrics and responded on Twitter.

Then, Wale clapped back by once again calling Lahren outside her name.

Lahren attempted to stay in the beef with a lackluster jab at Wale’s name.

Twitter preceded to drag her.

Now, three months later, it seems Lahren still wants to go at it with the DMV rapper by referencing the “Smile” song once again. Wale isn’t taking the bait though.

Just take the L Tammy.