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Jimmy Butler

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It’s that time of year again in the NBA season when every single game counts — so players getting into heated exchanges is to be expected.

Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler had a few words for Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart after Sunday night’s game in which the Bulls took home the L.  The two were involved in a confrontation on the court after Smart shoved Butler. The Bulls star wasted no time slamming him in a post-game interview, “[Smart is] a great actor, acting tough, that’s what he does — but I don’t think he’s about that. And I’m the wrong guy to get in my face. So he needs to take it somewhere else because I’m not the one for that.”

When asked about his intense verbal exchange with Smart during game four of the series, Butler added, “We’re not gonna sit here and get in each other’s faces. Like I said, he’s not about that life. Calm it down.”

The Celtics tied the series this weekend after Chicago’s 2-0 lead. Game five is set to take place on Wednesday night in Boston. Butler and Smart’s interaction should be interesting.

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