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Another day, another Tupac Shakur murder theory — but this time around, an insider who was with the rapper the night of the fatal shooting is sharing untold details.

Pac’s former bodyguard, Blood Piru gang member Mob James, claims that Crips member Orlando Anderson, a man named often in theories about Tupac’s death, was the killer. James revealed in an interview, “His name started coming ’cause he was taking credit for it. He started to tell people he did that. We decided, basically, it’s on. They just killed Tupac. This was my thing. Tupac was hanging with us. Everybody was looking at this as the mob let Tupac get killed. We couldn’t have that.”

However, the blood gang member says Tupac was also to blame, adding, “When Tupac had 30 cats behind him, when Tupac knew that can’t nobody hurt him because he’s got all these guys, Tupac changed. Tupac was spitting on people. Tupac was bumping into people. His attitude changed totally, and it’s what led to Tupac’s demise.”

The news comes just weeks after the conspiracy theory that Suge Knight’s ex-wife was Pac’s killer had reemerged. Which do you believe?

Check out Mob James interview above.

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