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Amandla Stenberg of the upcoming teen flick Everything, Everything. In the film, Amandla plays Maddym a beautiful young girl who is allergic to everything. Her mom keeps her in the house to protect her from her illness, but that changes when a new boy, named Olly, moves in next door.

In an interview with Amandla, she got deep about hair politics in Hollywood, “One of the biggest steps I can do is represent my hair texture, which is actually a lot coarser than people may think. I have more of a 4A type of curl. But when you see projects like this, with a girl in the lead role who is suppose to be romanticized and is suppose to be the beauty standard of the film and has natural hair that’s the biggest way I can contribute to that dialog because hopefully, that opens the door for more representation.”

Everything, Everything is in theaters May 12.