'Collateral Beauty' - European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

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In the entertainment industry, actors who leave their careers to try their hand at music usually get the side-eye from fans and colleagues.

But when the roles are reversed and musicians step into the acting world, it seems as if that’s the next logical step in their careers. Jamie Foxx is one of the lucky few who has been successful in both realms — winning an Oscar and a Grammy Award. He’s also one of few celebs to start off their career as an actor and gracefully transition into a Billboard charting artist.

We usually see music artists putting down the mic in exchange for scripts and acting credits. Out of all the musicians who followed that Hollywood blueprint, only a select few have managed to excel in both industries. Check out our list of musicians who went from melody masters to elite actors.


The 15 Dopest Musicians Turned Actors Of All Time
'Collateral Beauty' - European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals
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