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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired on Sunday night and answered the question that fans have been waiting all season long for: who started the rumor that Kandi Burruss and her husband wanted to drug and rape Porsha Williams?

After Phaedra Parks was exposed as the source of all the drama, news broke that the lawyer was fired from the show. Now, Kandi is opening up about whether or not she plans to take their beef to court and sue Parks for slander. The singer stopped by V-103’s Ryan Cameron Morning Show With Wanda Smith and revealed, “My eyes were tearing up while watching [the reunion]. I just couldn’t believe that she would go that far I knew we weren’t cool anymore but for her to make something up and say it to the girls and say it on national TV like that—like come on, I know we throw shade at each other, but this is a whole new low. You can’t just do that.”

She continued, “Okay, you wanna tear down my businesses, you’re trying to come at me in a way where people won’t respect me anymore. Clearly they was just trying to say whatever to take me down. I was definitely worried because one of my businesses is Bedroom Kandi. People already wanna make sex look like it’s something negative anyway so if you participate in anything like drugging—people won’t’ want to have anything to do with you. You had to make up something because you couldn’t find anything to really hurt me.”

As for whether or not she plans to file a lawsuit, Kandi said, “Yeah, I have thought about it. I have to talk to my attorneys and see how they feel I should handle the situation. They told me I should sue Porsha at first [but] when it came out at the reunion that Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I said let’s hold up until they see the whole thing and I’ll get their opinion on how I should handle it. Another thing, lawsuits are stressful. I’m already dealing with this lawsuit with Johnny.”

Speaking of her lawsuit with Johnny, her former assistant, Phaedra is also the culprit behind that drama. Check out the interview above to get more housewife tea.


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