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Religion, death and dolor - coffin bearer carrying casket at funeral to cemetery

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One New Jersey girl took things to a whole new level with her prom entrance. While some attendees might step out from a limo, a slick jeep, or heck, even your mamma’s station wagon, Megan Flaherty decided to come in a hearse …and we’re not talking front seat.

Seventeen-year-old Flaherty decided to lay herself in a coffin and let two men pull the coffin from the back of the hearse, revealing all her prom splendor. Too much! The coffin wasn’t closed, so it was an open casket viewing. As soon as Flaherty stepped out people laughed and gasped in shock. You can watch the video below.

Hmm, maybe for a Halloween party if she had Corps Bride ambitions, but for prom?! Well, Flaherty, who aspires to be a funeral director, surely made an impact. This could go down as the greatest prom entrance of all time, or at least the most bizarre.