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It’s probably an extremely rare occasion that Beyoncé has to fight hard to attain anything in her life, especially when it comes to business — but it looks like her lucky streak has come to an end.

The superstar keeps running into roadblocks when it comes to trademarking Blue Ivy‘s name. According to TMZ, an event company called “Blue Ivy Co.” has filed court documents to block the Queen from trademarking the full legal name of her child. The company, which was in business three years before Blue was born, claims that the Carters are trying to pull a fast one. Jay is on record saying they have no intention of actually selling any products, but  they’re just trying to stop others from doing it.

However, Beyoncé filed an application earlier this year to own the name “Blue Ivy Carter” for a slew of products including cosmetics, mobile devices, video games and more. Let’s hope the Carters are more careful when picking the names for their unborn twins.

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