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Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

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Jordan Peele‘s hit film Get Out taught us so much about America as a whole, but more specifically about Black Americans who find themselves trapped in the forbidden “sunken place.”

According to Peele:

However, some celebs aren’t screaming to be free from marginalization. Some actually enjoy the perks of being on the side of the oppressor — which in this case is Donald Trump. Although the film is just symbolic of something real, we see African-American’s getting hypnotized by money, fame and power everyday and subsequently get dragged to that deep, dark place.

Steve Harvey is one of the first stars that comes to mind while speaking about the sunken place. Since the film’s release, Harvey has showed all the signs of being subconsciously controlled by the White majority (let’s not forget his constant defending of Trump). But the wealthy entertainer isn’t the only star to fall victim to the forbidden trap.

Check out our list of Black Donald Trump supporters who are trapped in the sunken place.


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