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Nicki Minaj gave some juicy info about her relationship with Nas when she went on Ellen recently.

As Ellen DeGeneres does with a lot of her guests, the host poked and prodded into Nicki’s romantic life. The two started off with a discussion about Nicki’s cleavage at a Paris fashion show and how one breast got more exposure. Nicki assured that she loved both of her members equally — a great segue for Ellen to ask, “Does Nas like both of them the same as well?”

After Minaj broke out into laughter, Ellen responded with “he’s fantastic and a really, really great guy.” Nicki agreed, saying, “He’s a king.” But of course the conversation didn’t stop there. Ellen revealed an intimate picture of Nas and Nicki that has been circulating the Internet. Minaj went on to say, “Well, he’s a rap legend so let’s just say that, I have a lot of respect for him.” Then she quickly added “and you know he’s kind of cute, too.”

Nicki said she had a “sleep over” at Nas’ place, but not in the way you might think. Nicki clarifies that they didn’t have sex, mainly because she’s celibate. “I wanted to go a year without dating any man. I hate men.”

However, the rap queen might switch up her pledge for the legendary spitter. “I might make an exception to the rule for him cause he’s so dope,” she said.

You heard it from Nicki herself! These two might be the next hottest couple in hip-hop. You can watch Nicki’s interview with Ellen below.

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