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Young Thug is following through with his promise to release music that involves him singing. Just a few weeks after announcing such an album — reportedly called Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls — the Atlanta native has previewed a country-inspired song.

In an Instagram post, Young Thug croons along with a guitar led track. “Yellow school busses,” he sings. “That’s a Xany / Causing me to sleep and I ain’t plan it / Yeehaw!” You can check out the country vibes for yourself below.


E.B.B.T.G is said to be executive produced by Drake. When Young Thug made his original announcement of the album back in April, he tweeted, “EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS….@Drake will be EP’n my singing album.”

Though he said the album would be released that week, some time has gone by and there’s still no list of tracks. It seems we only have the country clip to hold us over until the album drops.

Young Thug’s engineer, Alex Tumay, assured that work on the project is still happening. “Working non stop on getting the project y’all deserve,” he tweeted.

That same week, Tumay had an interview with Genius and he revealed the whole album is an ode to Young Thug’s girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae. Tumay also revealed that Young Thug has recorded and cut dozens of songs. “I think for [Thug], singing has to do with the romantic element more than the melodic element,” explained Tumay. “Because he’s always melodic, even in his harder songs. ‘Danny Glover’ has some of the greatest melodies of all time.”

Let’s hope the album lives up to the hype!