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Many instances of Bill Maher saying the n-word on-air seem to prove he’s a little too comfortable with the word. Actress Anne-Marie Johnson seems to think so because she wasn’t surprised when the the host uttered the word once again this past week.

When the firestorm began after Maher called himself a “house n*gger” on Real Time, folks started pulling up old receipts of the comedian’s use of the word. One glaring instance was when he said the word “n*gga” multiple times on his former show Politically Incorrect 16 years ago. The episode was discussing racial slurs, especially who can and can’t say them, and one of the guests discussing it with Maher was Anne-Marie Johnson.

Well, following Bill Maher’s recent use of the word, Johnson is giving her thoughts once again. “The fact that Bill again really just doesn’t understand the history of the phrase and his comfort with saying it once again, it just brought me back to when I was on the show many many years ago having the same conversation and here we are,” she said.

She continued, “I don’t think he’ll ever receive the message that this is painful…I don’t know him personally, I only know him professional. I don’t think that he’s a racist, I know he doesn’t believes he is a racist. So, I think his feelings are hurt and I think he’s shocked that so many people took offense and I think that’s more painful for him than the actual using of the word.”

Johnson said Maher should just stop using the word or at least “give it a rest for about a year and let’s see what happens.” She also believes that Maher won’t lose his show. You can watch her full statements below.

What do you think? Is Johnson giving some harsh truths or is she letting off the N-word hyped host too lightly? Tell us what you think in the comments below.