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The Cosby Show

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Bill Cosby is on the verge of receiving a verdict for his sexual assault trial. As jurors are deliberating over whether Cosby committed aggravated indecent assault against former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, The Cosby Show has slowly came back to television. Reruns started surfacing again on Bounce TV in December and on TV One May 24.

One TV One episode that aired on Friday is causing some controversy. In the “Rudy’s Sick” episode, Cosby crushes some Aspirin pills and puts them in little Rudy’s juice for her to drink. After more than 40 women have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them, some people can’t seem to disconnect the show from the real life Cosby who stands to be judged.

Despite people’s feelings on the episode airing, at least get the name of the characters right. One publication, the New York Daily News, published their disapproval of the episode being aired, but instead of calling it “Rudy’s Sick,” they called it “Toby’s Sick.” I mean, did you even watch the show in the first place? How do you get Toby from Rudy? A major slip up for the site, they eventually changed the title to the correct name.


The actress who started playing Rudy around age five, Keshia Knight Pulliam, continues to support Cosby during his trial, even showing up with him on his first day at court. “Yes, I have supported Mr. Cosby because I’ve said from day one you’re innocent until proven guilty,” she said.