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Young Thug is giving his dollars to a organization he believes in. The Beautiful Thugger Girls rapper announced that he will be donating all the proceeds from his sold-out Terminal 5 show to Planned Parenthood.

He made the announcement yesterday before the show, tweeting, “I’m donating the proceeds from my show tonight to @PPFA. I was a teenage parent. Planned+unplanned parenthood is beautiful.”

Planned Parenthood has constantly been under attack, especially from Republicans. The current Republican healthcare bill would hurt the organization, eliminating their Medicaid funding for a year. Some clinics could have more than 40 percent of their funding cut, according to The Washington Post.  While Planned Parenthood has mostly been attacked for their abortion services, they also provide birth control, breast cancer screenings and other women’s and men’s health services that’s crucial to people’s lives.

Young Thug seems to understand this and due to the success of his show, that Planned Parenthood check should be coming very soon.