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The entire hip hop community had respect for Prodigy because of his deep thoughts and epic bars — but little did everyone know, he was channeling his own personal, dark experiences.

In an upcoming interview on Viceland’s The Therapist, the late rapper opened up about everything from religion, to being visited by UFOs and a “Jesus-like figure” during the early days of Mobb Deep. P told host Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, “When I laid down to go to sleep, you know, all of the lights were off in my room, and I’m laying there and a black shadow walk across my room. And it looked like — the only way I can describe it [as looking] like is the Black Spider-Man.”

When Dr. Nam Singh asked if he’d been using any drugs just before the encounter, the Queens rapper confirmed that he was “super-healthy” and “clear-minded” when he saw that mysterious figure walk across his room, “I just laid there, and I put the sheet over my head like a little kid, just like, forced myself to go to sleep. And I woke up the next morning — the pain woke me up. I [hadn’t] been sick in six years. And I was in so much pain I had to get carried to the hospital. I knew what happened automatically, I already knew what it was. I already knew what that black shadow was.”

Prodigy even got deep about how having sickle cell affected his spirituality, adding, “It made me not believe in God. Just having conversations with God, begging God to make the pain go away and then the pain wouldn’t go away. So I’m like ‘Who the hell am I talking to? God is not responding.’”

Catch the intense interview tonight on Viceland at 10:30 pm EST. Watch the preview above.