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Source: Laura Cavanaugh / Getty

A Madame Tussaunds location is catching serious heat for one of their wax figures. Out of all the celebrity look-a-likes they create, the one you don’t want to mess up is Beyoncé.

That’s right, the unidentified Madame Tussaunds location made an attempt (or lack thereof) to sculpture a Beyoncé figure. The wax figure has flatter hair, whiter skin and a face that resembles Lindsay Lohan more than Queen Bey. See below.


Of course the Beyhive took to Twitter to express their outrage and it wasn’t pretty. They even took note from the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag and created the #TussaundsSoWhite hashtag. Here’s 11 of the most hilarious reactions:


Try again, Madame Tussaunds!