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Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade

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When it comes to ratings, 50 Cent doesn’t play about his competition.

The Power creator took to Instagram on Wednesday to poke fun at one of his television show competitors, Gabrielle Union and her BET hit series Being Mary Jane. He joked, “This is supposed to be my competition, it’s rated #1 on BET check it out. it’s good but I’m gonna beat the ratings with (50central).”

Although the music mogul kept his pettiness light this time around, Gabby’s husband, Dwyane Wade still felt that it was an opportune time to chime in. He simply responded to 50’s subtly shady post, “Competition is good.” Fortunately, the Wades are friends with 50, so the shots fired were harmless.

However, we can’t say the same for 50’s other competitors over at Empire. The Queens emcee shows no mercy to the cast when it comes to competing for ratings. Everyone loves Power, but there is room for all Black television shows to win. Catch season four of Being Mary Jane every Tuesday on BET.


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