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O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing

Source: Pool / Getty

The fate of O.J. Simpson’s release was determined today. The 70-year-old former football player was convicted of armed robbery back in 2008 and has since served nine years of his 33-year prison sentence. Now. after a parole board hearing, it’s official, O.J. will be walking free in October.

Simpson had to address Nevada’s Board of Parole Commissioners via video conference to convince them that he was worthy of release. After multiple “I’m sorry” statements from O.J., the board was convinced that he’s worthy of release.

Simpson was convicted of contacting men he barely knew, two with guns, and having them rob sports collectible sellers. Simpson believed the two sellers had memorabilia of his that was stolen a decade earlier.

Back in 1994, Simpson was acquitted of murder charges when he was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman. Many believed O.J.’s 33-year conviction in 2008 was payback for his murder charge acquittal.