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Once again, the Kylie Jenner brand struggles to come up with an original idea. The reality TV star is gearing up for her new E! show Life of Kylie and some promo images are causing one painter to take a second look.

Sara Pope is an artist whose work has been featured in Los Angeles, Japan, The UK and NYC art galleries. She accuses Kylie of copying her “Temptation Neon” logo for use in her reality show promotion. “Temptation Neon” shows a bright, glossy set of lips in a lip bite pose. In docs obtained by TMZ, Sara say that she created the work of art in 2015. She believes Kylie made a graphic strikingly similar and posted it on social media to promote Life of Kylie. She’s now suing Kylie and NBC Universal, E!’s parent company. Sources close to the Life of Kylie production told TMZ that the lip design they used was independently created by a third party and Kylie was not involved in the process. So far, this has yet to stop Sara’s lawsuit.

You can check out the lip bite image in the E! promo below.

This is not the first time the Kylie has been accused of stealing. Just a couple weeks ago, photographer Michael Miller filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Kylie and older sister Kendall Jenner. He accused the two of taking one of his most famous 2Pac photos without his permission and exploiting it for their now panned vintage tee line.

Earlier this year, artist Vlada Haggerty also accused Kylie of taking her dripping lip art style and using it for Kylie Cosmetics campaigns. Eventually, the situation was settled outside of court.