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You know you’re winning in life when rumors from the past come back for their second wind.

That was the case for SZA on Monday, who noticed people were saying she credited drugs for helping her become a better artist. The rumor began back in June after SZA did an interview for Billboard and shared that shrooms once helped her get over writer’s block. The singer allegedly revealed, “I heard everything singing to me, from the grass and flowers to the little leaves. I was tripped out, crying. It removed that fear barrier. The next day, I felt free — I couldn’t fail.”

However, fans held onto the statement and glorified the idea of SZA using drugs to to help create her CTRL album. But the “Love Galore” singer took to Twitter to set the record all the way straight:

Well, if you didn’t know that SZA was a dope creative who doesn’t need drugs to reach her full potential, now you know. However, according to Billboard, that is what the singer said. You can read the interview here.

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