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For many people, one can only speculate what happens when you meet Beyoncé. Does the earth shake? Do blessings start falling in your lap? Well, Insecure creator and star Issa Rae got to witness firsthand what it’s like to meet the Queen Bey.

On Friday night, Issa attended a Wind And Grind fundraiser event in L.A. benefiting the soul food restaurant My Two Cents. While Issa was mixing and mingling, she ran into Beyoncé herself. What happened?

“I met Beyoncé tonight,” Issa explained. “She said she was a fan; [she] called me beautiful. What do you do after that?” You can catch Issa’s excitement in the video below.

Issa also tweeted:

And then peace and happiness filled the earth. Congrats Issa!



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