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Amy Schumer

Source: Splash / Splash News

Amy Schumer thinks she should get paid the same amount as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle for a comedy special, which was revealed in a new Variety report that said the comedian renegotiated her Netflix special salary after learning how much Rock and Chappelle earned.

According to the report, Chappelle and Rock were paid $20 million for their Netflix routines while Schumer was paid $11 million for her The Leather Special taping. When Schumer fought for a higher salary, she was successful.

Schumer’s special was taped at the height of her popularity due to her Emmy win for Inside Amy Schumer and the success of her debut film Trainwreck in 2015. However, when the special was released it was panned by critics and fans. Meanwhile, Rock and Chappelle have had years of well received stand-up comedy, movies and shows.

Did Amy cross the line by asking for more coins? The Internet seemed to think so. Check out some folks dragging her on Twitter below.