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In a turn of events, Nick Gordon, the man held legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s death in 2015, will not face charges in a domestic violence case. According to, another woman Gordon was involved with, Laura Leal has dropped the charges against him. Back in June, he allegedly attacked her for six hours in a drug-fueled rage.

Leal, 26, originally accused Gordon, 21, of pinning her to a bed and punching her for hours while he was drunk and high. Gordon was arrested on June 10 with police wanting to charge him with felony false imprisonment. However, prosecutors said the evidence wouldn’t carry weight in court so they lowered the charges to misdemeanor assault battery.

Leal had initially been cooperative with the police investigation, even calling Gordon “psychotic.” However, according to documents obtained by, Leal soon became “unhappy with the criminal justice process and started haranguing police to get them to drop the case.”

Leal eventually made a written statement saying she didn’t want to continue with the prosecution and she wrote directly to the judge in charge of the case. According to documents, Leal also made statements that “indicated further or conflicting accounts of the original incident.” All these things, plus the fact that Leal was the only witness to the alleged incident, caused prosecutors to shut the case down.

Leal’s move is surprising since she’s said before that she fears ending up like Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi was left in a coma for six months before her death in 2015. Gordon found her in bathtub with a cocktail of drugs in her system. Though Gordon wasn’t criminally charged when she died, he was found legally responsible in a civil case and was required to pay her family $36 million in damages.

“I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking,” Leal told at the time. “That could have been me. Only the Grace of God saved me.”

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