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The Netflix show Narcos is set to return with season three this weekend, but some familiar faces will be missing. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is done with Pablo Escobar and is now focused on the Cali Cartel. I got the opportunity to chat with the new antagonist of the franchise, David Rodriguez played by Arturo Castro from Broad City fame.

David is the son of the the Cali Cartel head and he is hell bent on making sure his father remains in power. He’s even willing to kill to make it happen. On playing the character, Arturo said, “The darker it went, the more fun it was for me. The most violent of scenes were really elaborate to shoot and the most fun days.”

I also got to meet the money guy who launders the cash for the Cali Cartel, Franklin Jurado played by Miguel Angel Silvestre. He told us that after reading the script, he was hooked and knew he needed to be part of the show. “I was really impressed,” he said.

Check out the newest members of Narcos above and be sure to catch the premiere on Netflix this Friday, September 1.