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Gucci Mane Welcome Home Concert

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Gucci Mane may have a new lease on life but that doesn’t mean that some things are hard to watch, for fear that he may revert back to his old East Atlanta ways.

That was the case on Tuesday when the rapper held a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in New York City for his new autobiography. A fan walked up to Gu-wop during the signing and said the he’d heard the rapper was going vegan — then all hell broke loose.

Protestors began to pull out their banners and slammed Gucci for claiming to be vegan, yet he’s rocking fur. The New York Animal Defenders were quickly removed from the event shortly after their outburst, and Gucci remained unbothered. This isn’t the first time a celeb was hounded in NYC for rocking their fur. Kelly Rowland‘s book signing was also interrupted by fur protestors, but she reacted a little unphased than Gucci did.

Maybe there really is a new Gu-Wop in town.

See the video for yourself.


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