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Offset is not happy that the New York Police allegedly harassed his girlfriend, Cardi B, earlier this week — and he knows just who to blame for the aggressive run in.

The Migos rapper chatted with TMZ on Wednesday and revealed how he reacted when Cardi called him with the news that a police officer had put her in a chokehold. He said, “At first, when she called, I ain’t think she was being serious until I had seen it on her face.” Offset says two men were fighting and that’s what ignited police interaction.

He continued, “They ain’t touch the dudes that were fighting, they touched her, so I don’t understand what was going on. I know you can’t stop the police. The police kill people everyday and get away with it.” The Atlanta emcee, who has had his fair share of run ins with the cops, says the hip hop police is “real, for sure.” They’re known for specifically targeting hip hop artists, when they come to cities like New York, to harass them and see if they’ll slip up with something that makes them eligible for arrest.

You may recall that on Tuesday, Cardi took to Twitter to call out the NYPD for allegedly hemming her up and putting her in a chokehold. The reality star tweeted that the White officer grabbed her with his arms around her neck and pinned her against the Bentley.

Sounds like Offset’s theory about the hip hop police striking again may actually be accurate. See what else he had to say in the video above.


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