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Some things are better left unsaid.

An unsuspecting Twitter user found that out the hard way Tuesday (September 26) when she responded to a tweet that Nicki Minaj made about her back in 2012.

Nicki was fondly remembering the time she snapped on a girl during a slumber party because she was picking on her.

We don’t know if Dameka Williams (@DrunkOnCircus) was randomly searching her name, or if she’d been holding on to this message for years and simply had time on Tuesday (September 26), but she didn’t consider the fact that Nicki’s devoted followers have way more combined time to get petty than she ever will on her own.

When Dameka asked why Nicki was so proud of stabbing her with a fork and ruining the party for everyone, the Barbz swooped in to handle their queen’s light work.

After having her profile swarmed with fork references, Dameka is now seeking spiritual counsel.

Is Dameka a victim or cyber-bullying? Or did she just get more attention than she bargained for?