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When it comes to petty beefs, 50 Cent has earned the title as the undisputed king.

The music mogul’s latest beef happens to be old drama that Fif reignited himself. It’s no secret that Irv Gotti and 50 have been enemies since the Queens rapper single-handedly demolished Ja Rule‘s career in the early 2000’s. But their beef today is bigger than rap — it’s about business.

50’s new show 50 Central is headed to BET, which happens to be the home of Irv’s hit show Tales. But if you know anything about 50 Cent, you know that he doesn’t take well to competition — remember he tried to drag Vivica Fox for guest starring on his rival show Empire? SMH. On Wednesday, the Power creator stopped by the Breakfast Club and dragged Irv Gotti’s show Tales to filth.

50 told the hosts, “They won’t be there long. I have full on intentions of removing that. There’s some adjustments to be made. Cool idea, not well executed.” When asked if he even watches the show, Fif said, “I watch everything when someone’s involved I don’t like.”


However, the former Murder Inc. CEO wasted no time clapping back at his rival. He took to Instagram to share his feelings on the shade:

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All bullshit aside. I WANNA THANK THIS NIGGA. HE PROMOTE MY SHIT BETTER THAN @bet Hahaha. And it's obvious. YOU LOVE TALES. You just can't say it. Obviously. You say great concept. Poor execution. Hahaha. Fuck outta here!! Everyone. Right after the Hip Hop Awards on Oct 10th. My enemies favorite show returns. Hahaha. TALES. 10pm. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Tales is back. And as far as it stopping. The opposite is happening. TALES is expanding. All Music Genres. Pop. Rock. Country. R&B. Gospel. And across the Globe. Tales Latin. Tales Asia. Tales U.K. Tales Germany. With the VIACOM System. Like you said cock sucker. It's a dope Concept right?? Hahahha. #visionaryideas #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv Oh. And I am doing Nas's I Gave You Power in Season 2. I thought of that already whore. Lol.

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Although it’s been almost 15 years since 50 and Ja’s beef captivated hip hop, 50 just can’t seem to let the past be the past.

Tales returns to BET on October 10, after the BET Hip Hop Awards — while 50 Central airs tonight at 10:30pm. Will you be watching?


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